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Haarlo - Brother

Released: 08 July 2013 via SoundCloud 


Stacey: “This song is about a very dear friend’s brother passing away in a car accident.  He was destined to be a superstar; an eccentric writer and artist who was incredibly talented.  I wrote this song the day after I heard the news, and I sung it at his funeral.  There is a lot of feeling and meaning behind it.”

Jono: “This was another song where parts of Stacey’s original demo stayed in the final recording.  I didn’t want to change too much about the original demo (which was just one squeaky keyboard riff and a vocal), so I just left it all in there and built some textures around the original keys part. We re-recorded the vocal, but the demo vocal can be heard swimming around in the background during certain parts of the song.”

Haarlo - What You Want

Released: 24 June 2013 via SoundCloud 

What You Want

Stacey: “This is kind of a break up song, it’s about looking at a relationship where things are going wrong.  You watch two people become different and how they change in a negative way.  I wrote this at home on my sofa one day, it started with a simple drum loop and I sung the words “Tell Me” over and over, the rest followed that process.”

Jono: “The beats in this song were created using a combination of samples from other songs on the EP, and some electronic layers built up with the sampler. I made a basic drum loop and then fed this loop through a whole variety of different effects sends and dialled them in sporadically to create a more organic drum part that changes texture throughout the song.  I set the pre-delay on the spring reverb to the right time to create that ghosting effect you can hear on the rimshot.  We also used some of these effects sends with Stacey’s vocal.  There’s quite a few layers of drums being fed through guitar amps and other fun things like that!  My favourite part of this song would have to be the random arpeggiated synth creeping in towards the end.”

Haarlo - Red Light

Released: 17 June 2013 via SoundCloud 

Red Light

Stacey: “This is a fun number about being generally distracted; by thoughts, feelings, trouble and life in general. In my mind when I think about this song I see a person walking around late at night aimlessly. It’s the idea that something symbolic can take someone away to another place.  The riff was something that my Dad and I used to jam to.”

Jono: “Probably my favourite snare sound I’ve recorded.  Not so much because of any great engineering feat, but because of Leigh Fisher’s incredible drums and tuning skills! The snare used was a 1972 Ludwig supraphonic, recorded with the natural reverb of the hall.  I love the space in this song. Stacey’s vocal has so much tonal depth that minimal production was the best way to give it the space it needed. I love how you can hear every subtlety in her vocal delivery, but we still managed to get the drums and bass to really kick!  I’m pretty proud of this one!  Thanks to Joe at Crystal Mastering for not squashing the dynamics or the bottom end! That guitar riff had so much groove when Stacey showed me the demo! We re-recorded it with a Telecaster directly into a tube preamp (no speaker) and it gave this really tight focussed sound to it.

Haarlo - Dreamlands

Released: 11 June 2013 via soundcloud. 

Stacey: ”This song is about losing a loved one and the grief and loss a person experiences.  It’s about self-destruction and losing the desire to go on.  I wrote this song about trying to help someone escape from their reality by inviting them into my dreamlands.”

Jono: ”We double tracked the drums on this song. I love how the two snare drums intertwine in the choruses. Features the Juno 106 in all its glitchy glory. The keys sample at the start of the song was the original demo that Stacey brought to me when we were writing the EP. It was recorded through the inbuilt mic on her laptop, and I loved the grittiness of it so it stayed!”

Haarlo - Easier 

Released: 11 December 2012 via MS MR’s Track Addict Volume II

Stacey Gardiner: "This is a bit of a cheeky song about a break up; it’s about that common feeling where the ex turns up flaunting his new lady just to get a reaction. In turn it makes it easier for a person to move on when you can see through it, because basically he’s just being a jerk!

Jono Steer: “This song features Leigh Fisher’s crazy amazing drum skills. We recorded a take of just drum fills, which we layered over the top of the main beats.  The church hall in which we recorded it had this beautiful natural reverb so I stuck a couple of mics right down the other end to capture it. The electronic beats were written on the good old Korg Electribe ESX! I loved capturing Stacey’s powerful vocals in this song. Really shows off her versatility.”

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